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The Borders Locality Committee (Jointly with Barnby North Cove)

The Local Governing Bodies of both Glebeland and Barnby North Cove joined together and became the Borders Locality Committee with effect from the start of the Spring Term - 7 January 2019. 

Mrs Janet Gandy was appointed as the Chair of the committee and all of the existing governors were appointed as committee members by the Trustees to support the staff and to promote the continued development of both schools.

The terms of office for all the committee members therefore begins on that date.

Mrs Janet Gandy - Chair

As a former teacher herself, Janet brings a wealth of experience to the Committee. 

She commits a lot of time to both Glebeland and Barnby in her role as Chair of the Committee and also overseeing the School Councils, chairing meetings and organising such things as meetings with the Mayor of Beccles and visits to the Council Chambers!

Janet can be contacted on j.Gandy@glebelandschool.org

Graham Kemp - Vice Chair

Graham is responsible for Health and Safety and Finance.


He can be reached on g.kemp@barnbynorthcove.org

Mrs Susan Deacon

Sue is responsible for Attainment (including LAC, SEND and G & T)

Sue is also a member of the Curriculum and Development Committee.

Sue can be contacted at s.deacon@glebelandschool.org

Mrs Rachel Gardner

Rachel is our Safeguarding lead and can be contacted on email: r.gardner@glebelandschool.org

Mrs Louise Dougherty

Mrs Dougherty is responsible for overseeing Health and Safety and Pupil Premium and can be contacted contacted by email l.dougherty@glebelandschool.org

Miss Jemima Williams

Jemima is the head of school at Barnby North Cove and serves on the board as Staff Committee member.

Jemima is responsible for  compliance and can be reached at j.williams@barnbynorthcove.org

Hugh Lake

Hugh is responsible for Attainment and Health and Safety.


He can be contacted at h.lake@barnbynorthcove.org

Mrs Clare Williams - Headteacher

Clare is the Headteacher of Glebeland School and the Interim Executive Headteacher at Barnby North Cove.


She can be contacted at head@glebelandschool.org

Rachel Knights

Rachel is also responsible for Attainment.  Her contact email is: r.knights@barnbynorthcove.org

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